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Jagged Rock Band

"Always keep your rock Jagged"



Playing all your favorite classic rock

With an unparalleled strong vocal presence and tight harmonies; Jagged  provides their fans with a taste of the best classic rock songs from bands like: Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Bad Company, Journey, Doobie Bothers and current classics from bands like: No Doubt, Sublime, Vanessa Carlton and Pink. Learn more by exploring the site, and feel free to get in touch with any of your comments and questions.


Band Members



Lead vocalist

A California girl that discovered her love for singing at an early age watching her brothers perform in the successful rock band "Third Creation." In School she was overhead singing in the hallways and was encouraged to join choir. This is where her vocal talents and ear for harmony were honed to perfection. She continued to sing all throughout high school with numerous group performances and events as a member of the elite Honor Choir. Roxy continued singing for private events at various venues all over Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Roxy joined her brothers as they reunited their band and continue to rock, now as "Jagged." With the addition of Roxy, Jagged has an unparalleled strong vocal presence and tight harmonies that truly take your breath away.



Began his musical journey with a love of the drums at the tender age of 8, after receiving a gift of a snare drum and continually playing it in his front yard, much to his neighbor’s dismay. He then moved on to a full drum kit, honing his drumming skills and emulating some of the most influential drummers of our time, from Buddy Rich, to Ian Paice (Deep Purple),to Neil Peart (Rush). George and his brothers started the band “Third Creation" in the early 70`s through the early 80`s, which had them successfully touring the West Coast, Rocking venues from their early teens to adulthood. He then stepped out from behind his drum kit and took up the lead vocal duties with the band "Voyager" in the mid 80`s, taking a few years off to get married and raise two daughters. Besides his drumming, George also assists with the lead and backing vocal duties alongside his sister Roxy. This gives Jagged a tight sound, which takes you from a beautiful ballad to in your face Rock and Roll! What’s next for George as his journey continues...? Only time will tell, but rest assured, there will be ROCK!




Born and raised in So Cal, and grew up the in Westminster/ Huntington Beach area. He first learned to play guitar at age 11, then went on to learn the piano, and eventually picked up the Bass. With two other brothers that played guitar & drums, their first band was formed, and at age of 14, he played his first gig. He went on to play professionally with his brothers, and through the 70’s & early 80’s, their band “Third Creation” gained popularity, playing historic venues like “The Golden Bear” and went on to successfully completed a West Coast Tour. After the split of the Third Creation, Phil went on to play Bass for Voyager, and is currently recording independent projects with his brother. In College, Phil studied in the Recording Arts, electronics, woodworking, and over the years has honed his skills working for such companies as OEM Instruments, Dobro Guitars, and Rickenbacker International. Over the years, Phil has made many of his own Guitars, Bass Guitars, and Amplifier’s.


Keyboards and Rhythm Guitar

Born in So Cal and raised on music by his father who sang professionally and a mother who played piano. Ivan was playing the piano by the age of 6, however; by the age of 10, he was severely bitten by the Rock and Roll bug and chose to switch to guitar and has been jamming in various bands and groups ever since. In high school Ivan played guitar in the schools jazz band where he also followed his older brother’s footsteps and sang in choir and other vocal groups, including the 1972 All Southern California Honor Chorus, performing at such prestigious venues as the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in L.A.’s Music Center. In college, he attended music theory and history classes including a jazz class where he jammed with his guitar. It was here that Ivan formed a rock group in his fraternity and performed at the famous UCLA Mardi Gras booth.  After college, Ivan married and raised two children, while still jamming with friends and colleagues on guitar, bass, and keyboards.

Havana Ray.jpg

Havana Ray

Percussionist and Vocalist

Jagged’s resident Latin percussionist. With his Cuban heritage, Ray has a natural rhythm that was passed down to him from generations of family musicians. As a small child he was given a set of handmade Cuban bongos and he spent countless hours listening and playing along with his parents’ albums of Caribbean music with artist such as Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Carlos “Patato” Valdés and countless others. Ray enjoys the challenge in finding ways to incorporate percussion fills and beats into classic rock tunes while on stage with Jagged.


Lead Guitar

Another Jagged band member that comes from a musical family of guitarists. This may explain his uncanny ability to pick up music so quickly and why he can crank out scorching hot lead riffs while on stage with Jagged. He is also a professional musician and an accomplished song writer. His original music is currently selling on websites such as Amazon, Spotify and others. James is one of the driving forces and founders of the acoustic trio band DJR playing local California venues.  He has a wide range of musical influences from Eddie Van Halen, Jason Becker, and Joe Satriani to Buddy Holly and Blues Brothers. James is also our resident Ozzy super fan!



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Band Reviews


Great Energy!

Jagged provided entertainment for the 2018 Six Peaks Pack Challenge Finisher party. I really loved their energy and charisma. Great versatility in their sound too!  - Judy N.

Jagged Rocked!

Booked Jagged for our 2017 Six-Pack of Peaks Finisher's Party at Oak Creek Golf Club. We had about 250-270 people and the band was awesome. They were super flexible with our schedule, great musicians and was able to read the crowd and get them out and dancing.
I would totally book them again.  - Jeff H.

Awesome Rock Band!

This band was amazing! Roxy really killed it on vocals and working the party. Ray was always very helpful and quick to reply prior to our event. All the band members were super nice and friendly, everyone had a great time. I even had some requests for business cards from some guests. Great job guys!!  - Betsy C.